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Case Study

MineRP develop integrated geospatial location tracking solution

Large mining operations have a lot of equipment, material and people moving around a site at any time. To prevent potential safety hazards, mines need to monitor and often restrict the movement of these assets. As mining operations expand they become more complex and it becomes increasingly difficult to monitor and report on the location of assets.

MineRP have developed an integrated suite of products designed specifically to manage and report on spatial data. The solution:

  • Monitors the geospatial location of assets.
  • Automatically notifies all relevant personal if an asset enters a restricted area, reducing time to action and promoting accountability.
  • Allows for rapid communication between managers and operators, promoting swift corrective actions.
  • Provides timely, integrated reporting features.

Download the full case study to find out how MineRP has used the FlowCentric Processware engine to drive the processes behind their powerful geospatial location tracking solution.