Customer Referral Program

Help companies to improve their business processes, and earn 10% commission or USD 1,200 for a referral.*

Do you know of a company that will benefit from our BPM software?

Then let us know and you will earn 10% of the initial license fees when your referral purchases the FlowCentric BPM Software.

How do you tell us about a potential customer?

Fill in and submit the secure form on this page, or phone the South African head office and ask to speak to the Partner Admin team.

What is the process afterwards?

When we receive your information a member of our team will contact you to explain the process in detail and to find out more about the company you are referring.

We will evaluate the prospective customer’s needs to ensure that we are the right fit for each other.

Then our team will take it from there, answering your referrals questions and providing them with all the information that is required to help turn their company into happy customers.

How do you identify a good referral?

  • The business has lots of repetitive or manual processes.
  • The company has complex business processes.
  • Data is siloed, and processes don’t run seamlessly across departments.
  • Employees are swamped by manual paper-based work.
  • The company’s software systems have complicated user interfaces.
  • Employees need to swap between many systems to get their tasks done.
  • It takes a long time to get new employees up and running.
  • Creating reports is difficult and takes a long time.
  • Tasks are managed through emails or verbal requests.
  • Audits are difficult and time consuming because data is hard to assemble.
  • Access to data and approval levels are not clearly segregated.
  • Compliance is difficult to enforce or verify.
  • The company wants to use data collected by IoT devices to action tasks.
  • It’s hard to match up purchase orders, invoices and receipts.
  • People are capturing the same information on several software systems.
  • The organisation intends to digitally transform and optimise their business.

The FlowCentric BPM Software is ideal for medium to large companies that are seeking a powerful platform to build an unlimited amount of process-driven business applications.

The FlowCentric Technologies referral program is open to people around the world.

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Term and Conditions Apply *

If your referral converts into a sale within the first 10 months from registering it you will earn either 10% of the net sales revenue of the initial software license sale or USD 1,200, whichever is greater.
If your referral lead has already been logged by someone else, we will let you know if the previous lead disqualifies yours.
Any employee of a FlowCentric Technologies Partner or Distributor must first obtain written permission from their company’s FlowCentric Technologies account manager before submitting a referral.
FlowCentric Technologies promote ethical business practices and urge all referrers to act responsibly and within the confines of any contracts that they may be bound to.
Request a call and a member of our team will contact you