Business Process Management Platform

Discover the FlowCentric Supplier Management Platform

Strategically plan, manage and improve your supplier relations with the FlowCentric Platform

Over the past 17 years the FlowCentric BPM software has been used to successfully optimised supplier management processes for organisation in various industries. We have assisted clients in significantly reducing their costs and increasing their overall corporate efficiencies.

The FlowCentric Supplier Management Platform will enable you to:

  1. Streamline registration and review of prospective suppliers.
  2. Gain clear insight into where and with which suppliers you are currently spending money.
  3. Enforce effective governance and risk mitigation policies.
  4. Enforce transparent tender management procedures.
  5. Save money with early invoice settlements.
  6. Complete timely and accurate supplier payments.
  7. Create instant accurate spend reports.
  8. Analyse spend patterns and identify critical dependencies on suppliers.

Are you interested in transitioning your organisation from manual paper-based methods, to a secure digital supplier management platform?

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